Hello friends, here is the post which provides you official download link to SHAREit for PC App from Lenovo. SHAREit PC App is available for Windows 10, Windows 7/8.1 .

We all know that SHAREit is one of the best and most amazing PC Software and Android app which helps users to transfer media files like images, music and videos from one device to another like Android, iPhone and PC also.

The best thing here is that Android users can transfer files to any other device user and vice a versa. It basically means that one can easily transfer files from Android or iPhone to PC and PC to Smartphones and that too with ultra fast speed.

Okey friends without any further delay I have provided the download link to Official Lenovo SHAREit App so that you can download and install the app easily without any issue.

SHAREit Setup

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Download SHAREit for Windows 7/8.1/10 PC :

As said above only that official links are provided for Windows users, please click on the below given.

The below given links are the official download links which is directly linked to official SHAREit App program.

After providing download links above now I want to discuss the features part here which will help you to understand and learn more things about this app.

It’s already available for Android, iPhone, PC and now Windows Phone also and one can easily transfer files from one platform to another without any kind of problem.

Features of SHAREit PC App:

Easily share files upto 100 GB without data or internet charges. SHAREit App works on smartphone’s inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot technology which makes sender’s mobile as server and receiver’s mobile as client. Not going into much technical stuff but you just need to know that this app is very much fast compared to any other available in the Android market.

  • Transfer files like images, music, videos, etc
  • Upto 100 times faster than old technology of Bluetooth
  • Faster than USB cables also
  • No need of any type of Internet Plans or data charges
  • App is complete free and very easy to use

This app consists of many other features which I am mentioning here since you have to use this app to know more about it in detail. So friends what you are waiting for, just visit and download this amazing and great Android App which makes life easy and fast.

I have been using SHAREit App on my Windows Computer and I must say that it’s really amazing and fast compared to other Flash file transfer applications.

Also the links which are provided here are from 100% official source and legal to download. So you can proceed further friend. And please keep on visiting SHAREit for PC.